Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A beautiful site

Look what came from F*ed E*x today... a beautiful site for these anxious eyes :)

In case you couldn't figure it out, it's our LOA!

And a few have asked... LOA stands for Letter of Approval (or technically, the letter of seeking confirmation from adopter.) It means that China has OFFICIALLY matched us with Charlie and now we begin the steps that lead to getting our TA (Travel Approval) That whole process is so very complicated, but basically, we will be travelling in 2-3 months!!!!! My spring break begins April 2nd, so I am praying that God will move mountains and allow us to be there then, so that I won't have to miss as much school. Plus... my birthday is on March 31... it would be a good birthday present to be flying to China/holding Charlie/getting ready to leave. It never hurts to pray, right?!

Thank you for all your sweet comments and for celebrating with us!!! For once in all of our adoption processes, I feel like something actually came QUICKLY! Praise God for that!

Oh and did I mention that all 15ish pages of the complicated paperwork was filled out for us?!?! We love our agency :) :)

Mom signing... WE ACCEPT!!!

Dad signing... WE ACCEPT!!!

One step closer to our sweet little BOY!!!
AnnaClaire wanted to join in and do paperwork. She was so excited to get to do a "real" form! (we made a copy for her.) She is so into paperwork... She would work on her "dossier" (so cute how she says it!!!) for hours.

She was so funny, writing her letters in between the lines and everything! Oh how I love her!


Anonymous said...


What an honor to watch your family grow!!! Blessings on your LOA and prayers for an even quicker TA!!!


Keri said...

How cute is AnnaClaire working on her dossier! What a sweet big sister she is!


Kim said...

I just love seeing the pics of your parents!! Please tell them BOTH hello for me!
Congrats--praying for Charlie!

jeanette said...

oh loving AnnaClaire working on paperwork!!! maybe we should fly her in when we have to finish up ours!! :) ~it's a great idea to have made copies to let her feel a part of it all....we'll have to do that!

you know I'm praying like crazy you go sooner rather than later.

Robin said...

Very cool. So excited for all of you to be heading to China yet again.. maybe even twice this year. (I'm sure you're hoping for that) :0)

Jean said...

Yippeee!!! I am so excited for you! I am coming in a little late- so if your are still doing the happy dance I am joining you right now!!

Thank you Jesus!

Wife of the Pres. said...

GREAT PICS!!! HOW sweet of AC to help your parents with the paperwork! ;) What a great object lesson for her too to see the before process! Making a mental note here …

OK, on to the prayers. Praying SO HARD we are in Ch*na with you! April sounds like a good time!!! It seems impossible right now, but all together now:


So, so excited for you all!

BTW, tell your Mom she just looks radiant while signing that paperwork. :)

Dana said...

Looks like you got good news while we were gone!!! Congratulations. Can't wait to follow your trip to China. Hope it's soon.

Debbie said...

This was SO nice to come home and see! Congrats to the Horner family! Praying TA is fast and travel is quicker.