Friday, January 29, 2010

First Snow of Season!!

We got our first snow this afternoon! The flakes came down fast for a while, but it just stopped... It's supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow and we are supposedly getting close to 4 inches! (A lot for us southerners...) I have to say, the little girls are a bit more exicted than I am. First of all, I'm not even going to miss any school out of this! And second of all, our sweet friends who I blogged about adopting Aliana and Sarah Mei were supposed to fly home tonight, and their flight has been cancelled :(. But the girlies are so so so excited. We went to get AC up from her nap, and she was sitting on her window seat (with the biggest smile EVER) yelling, "IT'S SNOWWWWWWWWING!" Kate was still sleeping and I got her up and brought her to the window and she said, "It SNOW!" They were excited to get in their snow gear and catch some flakes on their tongues~ even if it was just for a bit. Maybe there will be enough to sled tomorrow :)

Oh and... I know our "first snow of the season" looks really pitiful... the pictures are from the beginning stages :) and remember... we live in the south!

And completely random, but here's some pictures of sending our LOA out on Wendesday:

Me and girlies... one holding the package with our LOA and one form, going to our agency... and the other with a bunch of documents that have arrived at USCIS!

AnnaClaire with her dossier to "send" off!

Oh and in other big news, our agency seems to think that our TA could come in 6 weeks!!!! I feel like that's a bit optimistic, but 7-8 is seeming more and more doable... which means that I *could* celebrate my 17th birthday in CHINA!!!! Please, Lord!!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Us too! Snow, exciting!

Judi said...

Enjoy the snow! I, for one, am glad that it MISSED Ohio! I'm tired of snow, ice, and cold, and starting to think SPRING!

Jeanette said...

Hope your girlies enjoyed the snow, well, the sleet is more of an accurate description! Our kids had a blast in it though and SB didn't want to come in! I'm praying for that TA to come ASAP. WAHOOOOOOOO!!!

Kristi said...

Love the LOA dossier pictures! AC and Kate just keep getting cuter and cuter!