Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby AnnaClaire

love this profile of AC. Isn't her haircut sweet? I have a few more PJ pictures from today to post, but I will do so later.

When the LOA call came, Mom was actually reading AnnaClaire Half the Sky reports which we had received that day! It is so awesome to have these pictures and descriptions of our sweet girl. She sounds JUST like herself. With each picture were the sweetest descriptions about her. There was one that really touched my heart about how her nanny would hold her and talk to her and snuggle with her. I know that she was so loved at Chenzhou. You can tell through these reports, especially. Her ayi also talked about how when she got "yelled" at (yes, believe it or not, AnnaClaire was very "naughty" in the orphanage!) she would cry, but if the ayi mimicked her, AC would smile through her tears! All the descriptions are so sweet. I've included a little bit from each one. There was one other picture at 2 months, but she was in the bath and I figured I shouldn't post that one :). All of these pictures look so much like her! Is she not the sweetest little thing you've ever seen? The last picture we got was taken 4 days before we got AnnaClaire. (12/7- actually the day we left for China!) What a special picture to have- AnnaClaire's first steps!! She was learning to walk right before we got her and had JUST taken her first steps days before! What a special picture to have!! So without further ado, Miss AnnaClaire Chenhui as a baby, baby!

5 months old and described as easygoing!
8 months old and sitting and crawling!
11 months old and described as "lovable, active, and smiley"
13 months old (4 days before AC-day, actually!) and understanding simple words. Doing well learning to walk and is always so proud when she is praised!


Lexie said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet baby!

A naughty AnnaClaire?! I don't believe it! :0)

How great that y'all have these pictures!

Jeanette said...

She was (and still is) such a beautiful baby!!! It's so amazing that you were able to get those pictures and information about her. I love her new haircut by the way!!!

Holly said...

Awww she is such a cutie! Both of your sisters are. How fortunate you are to have those sweet pictures!