Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

I have so many sweet pictures to share of my big girl this week. Yet... I just had to document this day on the actual day. Miss AnnaClaire is officially a "big girl" Okay... she already was, but now she has a big girl bed to prove it!! The room swap is FINALLY done and we moved all of Drew's furniture into the new guest room- which looks AWESOME (I will post pictures later!) We brought Booies bed upstairs and assembled it and then had to go out to get a few more things for it and now it's done! We got a bed rail that actually slides under the mattress when you aren't using it. I had never seen that before. It's nice that we won't have to look at that thing when she's not sleeping, because it goes so high and just takes away from the whole sweet room! It is definitely needed (obviously) because her bed is pretty high and she sleeps on the very edge! Anyway, I'm not posting pictures of her room until it is COMPLETELY finished because we still need to fill those beautiful shelves and we are waiting on her sweet new chair. Plus, there are a few things to hang. At that point, I will definitely show you some before and after shots! That room has gone through a lot! I have vivid memories of it being MY room- pink with Mary had a little lamb wall paper. (remember, we have lived in this house for 14 years! I was only Kate's age when we moved here from Texas!) It went from that to my "pre-teen" lime green Hawaiian, however Drew and I traded rooms and it turned brown (guest room/Drew's room) and now it's pink again! It looks gorgeous. AnnaClaire LOVES her big girl room. She has been talking about it for days. She was so excited to wake up from her last nap in her crib to help me bring her stuff into her new room. We had so much fun putting her books and toys on the shelves! We even got out her tea set which she LOVES. We decided that for now, we will use her window seat as a little "table." It is her PERFECT height and great to put and play with toys on! She loved playing with her tea set at her window "table!" We finally had to break up the fun for a late dinner and once we got home, AnnaClaire went night night in her new room!!! She was SO excited after having talked about it for MONTHS. "I gonna go night night in my BIG GIRL ROOM! And sleep in my BIG GIRL BED!" She laid right down and was asleep in minutes. Mom and I went in and peeked at her later, and she was sound asleep and looked so sweet. She is so TEENY in her big bed! It's so funny! So... it was a big day for our big girl. :)

Praying for those suffering from Ike. We were very thankful to hear that my grandmothers (one in Houston and the other right outside of Houston) are only suffering from lost power. Some of the doors flew in on the apartment building of my dad's mom. Hers didn't though so we are thankful. Once again, praying!

On another note, there was some exciting news half way around the world this morning. But... I'm waiting for pictures so you'll just have to wait another day or so to hear about it :)

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Lexie said...

Oh! I bet it is great! Can't wait to see it!

We will be needing to find a railing for our girl...Where did you get y'alls?