Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look at my little peanut girl!!

No LOA today... day 83 (I think?) but we did get new pictures!!!!! WOO! I love getting new pictures. These ones were taken THIS WEEK!!! Look at our little thing! She is such a little peanut. AWWW I can't wait to go get her!! We also got some new info. She is described as quiet, sweet, and reserved. Funny because all of the other info we have on her says she is active, extroverted, and energetic! Also, we found out that her treatment stopped in March and she hasn't had one since! We were wondering about that so it was nice to find that out. Her cheek just looks AWESOME. What a big difference! Also, the last one I posted shows a view of her left cheek (which is where the angioma is) and the red has lightened so much! Oh she just looks so cute... and sweet... and ADORABLE!!! Can't wait till she is finally a part of our family. Hopefully sometime in October we will be holding her in our arms! Until then, we are just loving to see all these pictures of our little Lulu!!

The third picture I posted has a story... It's another part of my "God story" posts. I'm going to save it for later, but I just wanted you to see how little our girl is! Her friend next to her is only 5 months older than her! Aren't they sooooooooo cute?


karissa noel said...

Oh, my goodness! Kate is so precious! What a wonderful gift of God your sweet baby sister is! Her cheek looks just great! I wouldn't have even known that she had a birthmark there! I'm praying you don't have to wait much longer!

In Him,
Kourtney (Karissa's sister)

Robin said...

Oh Emily and Pam.. what a cutie patootie you have there. You are right, she is so very petite! Her left cheek does look so much better! Praise God that she is someplace that got her the help she needed to lessen the effects of the angioma early. I'm praying with you that your LOA will arrive sooner rather than later now that the olympics are over.

Jeanette said...

Ok, she has the sweetest little lips!