Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two Ducks!

You've probably heard of World Vision, but if not, you should check it out and see all the awesome ways they are changing childrens lives this Christmas! Yesterday, we received a letter from World Vision that was addressed to AnnaClaire and Kate. The letter said that two ducks had been given in honor of Kate and AnnaClaire! Isn't that just awesome!?!?! So thank you Jeanette for thinking of our sweet girls and donating ducks in their honor! I just love that :)


The Greens said...

Hi Emily,

I've tried e-mailing your mom but it looks like her address has changed.

Just wanted to have her check in on our blog and watch the "what's missing" video. (:

It's at www.kidjunkies.blogspot.com

It's been wonderful following your journey back to China. Kate is a doll!


jeanette said...

I'm glad they liked the ducks. :)

Kristi said...

We love the World Vision catalog too! This year Ian and I feel like we have everything we could want (we're blessed with two amazing children, great family and precious friends) and we are "giving" each other gifts out of there!
How precious that someone outside your family chose to give in honor of Anna Claire and Kate!

Staci said...

That is such a cool idea!! And very cute little girls with their reindeer ears! :)